Why VBS?

VBS is…

  • Written by a team of Seventh-day Adventist children’s ministries leaders and pastors. Lessons feature a Seventh-day Adventist point of view that will connect with kids from your church and community.
  • Based on the Bible and focused on the life of Jesus. Kids will meet Jesus and learn about His many miracles and the plan of salvation.
  • Unique! Offer your community a Vacation Bible School experience that’s different from the other churches in town. 

I think Jamii Kingdom is awesome. It’s very hands-on and interactive. The Bible story is engaging, the snacks are easy to make, and the crafts are very nice. It’s approachable for preschool all the way through early elementary school.

Pam Daly, Lake Region Conference


This is one of the most exciting VBS programs I’ve seen. The music is amazing and the stations are powerful. The kids can learn exactly what they need. When they go to the prayer station, they learn that God listens to us. And the games, crafts, snacks, and Bible Pal animals are wonderful.

Laura Romero, Allegheny West Conference


I love the music and the fact that the children are learning different phrases in Swahili. It’s a very colorful and happy program and it’s amazing to see how the Bible verses are integrated into the activities. Also, it’s important to use an Adventist VBS program because we know everything in the program is going to adhere to our fundamental beliefs and there is nothing to worry about. You don’t have to change anything to make it fit.

Gloria Huerta, Southern California Conference


I’m so excited about Jamii Kingdom. It is up-to-date and it teaches important concepts, like the fact that we’re all part of God’s family. That’s something our children need to learn. I love the graphics and the vibrant colors. The music was fantastic.

Norma Shepherd, Oklahoma Conference


The whole program is beautiful and well done, but my favorite part is the ADRA mission project because it’s important to involve children in mission and teach them how to give and help at an early age.

Sonia Cano, Southwestern Union Conference


Jamii Kingdom is very organized and age-appropriate. Overall it’s excellent. We can identify with this program because it was created by the Adventist Church and we don’t have to worry about presenting something that is not connected with our beliefs.

Joyce Fortner, Arkansas-Louisiana Conference