Sea of Miracles

A favorite place to be is at the water’s edge. With the breeze to cool you down and the waters to bring refreshment and play, this is the perfect place to explore everything the rocky shores and smooth sands have to offer. However, this is not your ordinary beach. It’s the Sea of Miracles where kids come to meet new friends and learn about Jesus. At Sea of Miracles kids see that Jesus is Rabbi, Healer, Son of God, Messiah, and Lord.

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North Shore Opening & Closing Program

Xperience the excitement as we explore adventures in Galilee during Jesus’ time. Kids will gather here at the start of each day to learn new songs with motions and discover the Bible story, key point, memory verse, and Bible pal. At the closing program kids will review what they learned and have an opportunity to make a difference through the Ultimate Mission Water Project.

Simona’s House

Xperience Jesus’ love through engaging Bible stories. This station is lead by Simona, Simon Peter’s mother-in-law. Kids will hear stories from Jesus’ time on earth and learn how Jesus’ love empowers us for daily life. This station features activities that make each story educational and captivating.


Xperience creative ways to pray and discover the joy of praying and spending time with Jesus. This station gives kids an opportunity to pray for themselves and others in creative and expressive ways. They will begin to understand how we can pray without ceasing, and how prayer can be as much a part of life as eating and breathing.

Beit Saida Village & Shore

Xperience a Galilean village and shore through fun and interactive activities. Each day kids will choose from five different village activities. Afterward, they will travel to Beit Saida Shore where they will learn what it’s like to live in a fishing town. Kids will take home many of the items they make as a reminder of what they learned at VBX.

Shepherds’ Field

Xperience the action points through fun and interactive activities. This VBX features easy, fun games with a purpose that require minimal resources. Each game emphasizes the day’s key Bible points to help kids apply what they learned.